Boston Vocal Technique



“The singing voice is so subtle and demands such multitudinous activities that it can be controlled only when used naturally and thought about in a simple way”.       

                                                                    -Giovanni Battista Lamperti


Singing technique is all about balance, the yin and the yang. The voice needs to be bright and dark (warm) at the same time. There should be resistance to the escaping air, so that not too much air hits the vocal chords, but at the same time you also need to send air out to have a big, beautiful voice without unnecessary tension. It is a way of using your voice that allows you to sing freely and clearly with maximum power and clarity. As an active performer on classical stage (opera, oratorio, concerts) I am in a position to give you current information about the classical world and the demands on the performer.


Pop, soul, blues, jazz styles

Since you are not learning what to sing but rather how to sing and maintain an even balance, you can apply this technique to any type of music.

The nature of commercial styles require the use of a more straight tone, more forward placement of the sound right on the teeth, less open space in the throat and mouth, compared to the classical/opera singing.  Since you don’t have to fill a huge hall with your sound without amplification, the technique of a pop singer doesn’t have to be so refined, but still needs to be healthy. I will also teach you how to be an engaging performer.  I will help you find your strengths and help you highlight them on stage.

How do you find the balance in your singing?  First, take lessons with an experienced teacher who can tell what you are doing by listening to you, and second, practice what the teacher teaches you, develop self-awareness by playing with your voice at home and finding that balance without force or pressure.