Boston Vocal Technique



Singers are just like athletes or dancers, they know how to use their body and how to keep the breath flowing.

Proper singing technique requires the diffusion of tension and exertion over the bigger muscles of the body so that small muscles, such as those of the throat, do not become strained.  Today, we hear more and more about pop singers needing surgeries to repair their vocal cords. Those problems however, can be easily avoided with good training.

My background in music

  • 6 years of rigorous conservatory training in Soviet Armenia: private voice lessons 6 days a week, opera, stage and acting training and active performing schedule. 


  • 20+ years of continuous vocal training after graduation, active performance schedule. Eighteen years of teaching experience.  I will guide and support you through each step of the learning process. 


  • My own difficulties with my own voice, including a period during which I could not sing because of too much tension in my throat.  I learned the hard way, but because of that, I was forced to go much deeper into learning how the voice works. Good singers do not always make good teachers, but singers who overcome vocal difficulties usually do. With the personal experience of both right and wrong, I am able to recognize the nuances between proper and improper technique, ensuring my students do not develop unhealthy habits. 


  • A keen musical ear-- I developed my listening skills through painstakingly listening to the recordings of my every lesson throughout the years, figuring out the best sounds and the exact techniques which produce them.
  • Stage presence—I have performed in numerous events and opera productions and will work with you to develop your stage charisma.