Boston Vocal Technique




I have taken voice lessons for a few years before I came to Noune, and even though I always had some discomfort in my throat, I thought I was singing to the best of my ability. At the very first lesson with Noune I realized that I am not even close to reaching my potential.   I feel confident in my singing now.  Finally I understand how to use my air to sing, support and project, how the body works to produce the voice, my range has widened greatly. 


Noune explains everything thoroughly; she makes complex ideas easy to understand.    My lessons have helped me in other areas of my life.  I have recently become an attorney and what I learned at my voice lessons helps me in my everyday work: I now speak louder and with confidence. 

Talene, adult voice student

As a teacher, Noune is both demanding and respectful of my learning pace. She is patient, funny, encouraging. Although my busy life does not allow me to focus on my singing as much as I wished, I am proud of what Noune helped me to accomplish, moving from practicing "Amazing Grace" to Carmen's "Habanera." Singing now makes me feel more joyful and alive than ever!

Anne-Marie, adult voice student
Noune is very caring, supportive and skillful teacher.  Through a series of body and vocal exercises, in a short time, she has helped me to free my body and voice of excess tensions.  Now I understand how to properly support my sound and as a result my voice is more open, free, natural and resonant.  The registers of my voice are more even.

I have had many different accomplished voice teachers over the years, but until I started studying with Noune nothing seemed to work 100%.  Her explanations are very clear and to the point, she makes complicated things easy to understand.  I highly recommend Noune as a voice teacher.

Eleanor, adult voice student

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher,  For helping me to fly,  For giving me roots and aim and breath, For unchaining my tongue.

Catherine, adult voice student
I have been taking voice lessons with Noune for three years.  When I started, I only had four notes, and had a very hard time singing high notes. Now, I have two octaves, and high notes are easy for me. Singing has become easier and fun now, and I am a lot more confident in my voice. My volume has increased drastically, and the clarity and expressiveness of my voice even amaze me. The directions are easy to understand, the lessons are fun, and the results have been amazing. I look forward to continuing my lessons with Noune in the future, and further expanding my singing ability.  

Helena, 12-year-old voice student