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Noune Karapetian

    Discover the absolute best scientifically proven vocal technique!


    I will show you exactly what to do to avoid throaty singing and what you need to put your attention to.


    Singing with the throat muscles negatively affect your voice, making it susceptible to laryngitis, hoarseness and eventually permanent damage of voice. You might not even know that that’s what you are doing.


    There are hundreds of muscles in your throat and your body that are involved in singing and you need to target the big muscles of the torso to do the work and take pressure away from the small throat muscles.


    The secret lies in coordinating the muscles which send air out and the muscles that resist too much air from hitting your vocal cords.

    What The Critics Say
    Boston Phoenix, 2008, Carmen
    Boston Vocal Technique
    Boston Phoenix

    Noune Karapetian as Micaela had a distinctive timbre and a lovely presence., 2007, I Pagliacci
    Boston Vocal Technique
    Clear  vocal line, wonderful technique and pleasing, flawless delivery...(read more).
    International Opera Reviews, 2008, La Traviata
    Boston Vocal Technique
    Seen and Heard
    Karapetian exhibited a beautiful voice. . .the duet with Germon was breathtaking ...(read more)
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    What The Clients Say

    I feel confident in my singing now.   Finally I understand how to use my air to sing, support and project, how the body works to produce the voice, my range has widened greatly … (read more)

    Talene, adult voice student

    My volume has increased drastically, and the clarity and expressiveness of my voice even amaze me.  The directions are easy to understand, the lessons are fun, and the results have been amazing … (read more)


    Helena, 12-year-old voice  student

    Now I have much more control over my voice, can reach a high C and still use my chest with the lower notes. With Noune I am becoming more and more aware of how physical singing is, involving my whole body. As a teacher, Noune is both demanding and respectful … (read more)

    Anne-Marie, adult voice student    

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